Supporting Mental Health and The Frank Bruno Foundation

Supporting Mental Health and The Frank Bruno Foundation

Supporting Mental Health and

The Frank Bruno Foundation

We were extremely honoured recently to visit The Frank Bruno Foundation at The Round by Round Centre in Northampton. Our mission there was to install some blinds for the centre, a generous donation that we provided and fitted completely free of charge for this incredibly worthwhile local charity.

The Frank Bruno Foundation, a beacon of support for those experiencing issues with their mental health, was established by the notable boxer Frank Bruno. The foundation is a testament to Bruno’s own challenges with mental health and his subsequent desire to give back to the local community. This steadfast devotion to helping others characterises the ethos of the foundation and its services.

In line with Frank Bruno’s illustrious boxing career and his passion for the sport, the foundation offers a unique programme titled ‘Round by Round’. This programme provides structured, non-contact boxing sessions to anyone over the age of 10 who is struggling with mental health problems. Further, the Round by Round programme, held twice a week, not only includes boxing but also provides support for emotional wellbeing.

A brief history of Frank Bruno is essential to understanding the foundation’s mission. Frank Bruno is a former professional British boxer who competed from 1982 to 1996. His illustrious career saw him compete at the highest level, with numerous accolades including the WBC heavyweight title in 1995. However, beyond the boxing ring, Bruno faced a different kind of fight – battling with poor mental health. His experiences have fuelled his commitment to aiding those similarly affected, resulting in the creation of this admirable foundation.

According to The Frank Bruno Foundation’s website, the charity’s primary aim is to seamlessly combine a healthy body and mind approach, supporting the holistic wellbeing of their clients. By emphasising the importance of physical fitness in mental health management, the foundation provides a comprehensive support system.

In addition to the Round by Round programme, the foundation offers a ‘Stay In Work’ programme and a ‘Wrap Around Service’ as part of its services to anyone dealing with mental health problems. These programmes, in conjunction with their core offerings, help to create an inclusive and all-encompassing support network for individuals in need.

For further information about the work of The Frank Bruno Foundation, please visit their website here. The impact of their work continues to be significant, driven by the Foundation’s commitment to improving mental health and wellbeing in the local community. We at Gillian’s Blinds are proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to this noble cause.

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Supporting Mental Health and The Frank Bruno Foundation

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