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At Gillian’s Blinds, we believe that it’s the little things that make a big difference. That’s why we provide a wide range of replacement blinds accessories designed to enhance functionality and complement your home’s décor. From weights and chains for vertical blinds to safety devices for roller and Venetian blinds, and replacement vertical blind slats, we have you covered.

Weights and Chains for Vertical Blinds

If you have vertical blinds in your home or office, you’ll know that keeping them straight and in place can sometimes be a challenge. Often, over time, chains can become broken and weights mislaid. We have a selection of replacement weights and chains to keep your blinds hanging beautifully. 

Safety Devices

The safety of our customers is a top priority at Gillian’s Blinds. To help ensure that our products are safe for homes with children and pets, we provide a range of safety devices for our roller and Venetian blinds. From cleats to keep cords securely out of reach to cordless operating systems, we offer various safety features to give you peace of mind. These safety accessories are easy to install and do not detract from the aesthetic appeal of your blinds. If your Venetian blind safety device has activated, click here to view a video on how to put it back together again.


Vertical Blind Slats

Over time, vertical blind slats may need to be replaced due to wear and tear or if you fancy a change in style. At Gillian’s Blinds, we offer replacement vertical blind slats in an array of colours and fabrics, making it easy to refresh the look of your vertical blinds without replacing the entire system. Simply select your preferred style, and we will custom-make your new slats to fit your existing track perfectly.

Professional Assistance

At Gillian’s Blinds, we’re more than just a blinds provider; we’re a team of experts passionate about helping you create the perfect window solution. If you’re unsure about which accessories are right for your blinds or need advice on fitting safety devices, our team is always ready to assist.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service also includes a free fitting service across our entire range of blinds. Rest assured, your blinds will not only look great but operate perfectly too.

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