Gillian’s Blinds Lights Up a Barn Conversion with Roller Blinds

Gillian’s Blinds Lights Up a

Barn Conversion with Roller Blinds

When you have a special space, you need special window coverings. That’s where we at Gillian’s Blinds come in. We recently had the chance to work on a stunning barn conversion project, where we installed 20 roller blinds in the kitchen and lounge. The aim? To create a cosy, warm glow that brings out the beauty of this unique home.

The Beauty of a Barn Conversion

Barn conversions are beautiful. They mix the charm of old-world architecture with modern, comfortable living. You’ll find solid wood beams, high ceilings, and brick walls, along with huge windows and doors that fill the space with natural light.

Our client wanted roller blinds that would match the rustic feel of the barn, but also add a touch of modern comfort. So, they chose warm-coloured neutral blinds that balance the barn’s aesthetic while providing the privacy and light control needed for everyday living.

Installing the Blinds

The first step in any blind’s installation is getting the measurements spot on. For a barn conversion, this is even more important because of the unique window and door sizes.

Once we had our measurements, we set to work fitting the 20 roller blinds. Their simple yet stylish design fits in nicely with the barn’s mix of old and new. When closed, these blinds create a warm, cosy light that adds to the comfort and charm of the space.

The kitchen blinds, fitted on the patio doors, let in plenty of natural light during the day. At night, they offer privacy and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

In the lounge, the blinds worked their magic on the large windows. They add a bit of texture to the room and soften the light without blocking the great views. The result is a calming space where you can really unwind.

The Finished Look

With the roller blinds in place, this barn conversion took on an even more welcoming feel. The blinds blend well with the barn’s rustic character and offer a touch of modern luxury.

Both the kitchen and lounge now glow with a warm, cosy light, just as our client wanted. The blinds have become a part of the barn’s story, combining old charm with new style.

At Gillian’s Blinds, we love helping to create spaces that feel good to be in. And with this barn conversion, we’ve done just that. We’re proud to have played a part in this lovely home transformation, turning the ordinary into something truly special with our roller blinds.

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Gillian’s Blinds Lights Up a Barn Conversion with Roller Blinds
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