It is extremely important that you measure for your blinds correctly. Please make sure you measure as described and double check your measurements.

Width. The measurement from left to right.

Drop. The measurement from top to bottom.

Recess size. If you want your blind inside the window recess you must measure across the top, middle and bottom of the recess for the width and enter the smallest size into the width box. For the drop you must measure on the left, middle and right of the recess and enter the smallest size into the drop box. Please note we will deduct 10mm off the width on all blind types and 10mm off the drop for vertical blinds only, not roller blinds and Venetian.

Blind Size. If you measure for blind size your blind will come to you that exact size, this measurement is normally done if your blind is going on the outside of the window recess. Please bear in mind that if you are ordering a roller blind the fabric is 25mm smaller than the blind size, on roller blinds the blind size is from bracket to bracket.


Other notes: roller blinds can only be made in 5mm increments ie. 1200mm or 1205mm not 1201mm to 1204mm. In simple terms the last number of your size must be either a 0 or a 5 if it is not we will reduce the size down to the nearest 0 or 5.